My entire life I have been technically minded. I have been told I had a Bacho screwdriver insted of a stuffed animal and my parents read a book called “Verktygshandboken” (Tools Manual) when I would sleep. True or not, I did got my first welding machine at the age of thirteen and on that way it is.

To sum up my technical career as a grown up: I studied natural science with technical direction at High School, made my military service in the Royal Swedish Navy as an mechanic and continued the military career with 2 years at the Military Academy in Halmstad and 9 month extended technical education from which I graduated as an second lieutenant in the Swedish Navy with a technical specialization. My specialization was ship technology and mechanical engineering.

After some years in the Royal Swedish Navy I studied Marine Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology and graduated with an Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering.

I have then worked my way from 3rd, via 2nd and Chief Engineer on different kind of ships world wide.

From my education, my technical interest and my career at sea I have developed good skills in different welding technics, general steel work, wood work, lathing, milling, soldering, fiber glass and electrical installations.

I have also built up a network of people and companies with specialiced skills and equipment to manage extra demanding jobs I cannot do by my own.

I believe in solutions and I always strive to develope things to the better. With XX-engineering I would like to use my skills and knowledge to help you solve your problems. Help you to customize and develope your things so they fit your needs perfect.

I want to help you making your things MORE THAN AVERAGE!

Looking forward hearing from you! /


Björn Richter Chief Engineer

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